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What you can expect


We only take on as many books as we can handle. This means that, when we are working on your book, you will be our main priority. Our dedicated duo will work with you to suggest edits, proofread, design, and typeset a book that will make you proud.


It's no secret that there isn't much money in the independent publishing scene. Nonetheless, we will always endeavour to pay our writers. After a set number of sales (for us to break even on the costs that accompany producing a book), you will receive 10% of royalties on sales of your book. The number of sales prior to making royalties will be around 10 books. Royalties will be paid monthly.

Author Copies

We will send 3 author copies to you when the book is complete. You will be able to order as many additional copies as you like at a discount of 50%. You will need to pay postage on this order as with any other.


As part of the production process, we will also work to publicise your book through a series of curated social media posts, an online book launch, and connecting with reviewers. We will shout about your book as loudly as you!


In order to keep us all on the same page, you will be asked to sign a standard contract prior to working with us. Copyright for your work always lies with you. This is just to establish how we will work together and what is expected from each side.

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