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1) Read the guidelines below to make sure your manuscript fits what we're looking for

2) Attach your manuscript to an email containing the information we've requested below

3) Hit send and give us 4-8 weeks after the submission window closes to get back to you

4) Please note that we do not respond to emails and messages on weekends

Send work to:



  • No theme or genre

  • Poetry and prose welcome

  • 30-50 pages

  • Nothing hateful or bigoted

  • Collaborative works are welcome

  • No more than 50% of the pamphlet can have appeared in previous publications

  • The pamphlet itself cannot be previously published*


(Note: if your work requires you to use different fonts / sizes / spacing, such as for experimental pieces, please do)

  • Microsoft Word documents preferred

  • A5 page size

  • Times New Roman font

  • Font size 11

  • Single-spaced

  • Normal margins

  • Title of work and your name on first page

  • Page numbers at bottom


  • Our email address is

  • Subject line: [Title] + [Your Name] + [Prose/Poetry]

  • Include a short biography in your email, with any relevant social links

  • Bonus points for sharing why AtBo is a good home for your work

  • Remember we're humans! Politeness and being friendly goes a long way

If your pamphlet was previously published, but that publisher has since closed down, please reach out to us. We may consider submissions that fall into this particular situation on a case-by-case basis.

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