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Released 31 January 2024 // Illustrated Poetry Pamphlet // 28 pages


"Stone Trees is a tender, meditative book with beautiful art by Fliss Cary to accompany Tracee Findlater's words. It invites us to come along to the seaside with short, succinct poems, interspersed by observations about minerals, colours and sediment, asking us to notice, to contemplate what is around us. There is a captivating clarity to it that makes you pause and absorb the words describing this experience. It conjures up the sounds and smells of sand and water, offering respite and space to breathe. A thing of beauty to come back to again and again."


– Annick Yerem, Editor-in-Chief of Sidhe Press


"Tracee Findlater and Fliss Cary's Stone Trees is mesmeric; a delicate resilience to the 'cold water/licking skin', the 'limerence passing' as the reader bathes in 'white sun/weightless light'. We linger in the liminal space between sand and water, semi-permanence and fluidity, solid and suspension, waiting on the sea or time for answers, or to erase and in doing so discover what was submerged. Findlater's lines shift across the page exploring space, sound and texture, framed by Cary's evocative ink impressions, and reflecting on organic presence in creative processes – a permineralization of ideas – memory striations from which new expression, new artefacts are formed."


– Katrina Moinet, poet

Stone Trees - Tracee Findlater and Fliss Cary

  • Tracee Findlater grew up on RAF bases around East Anglia and was led by a love of ancient culture and myth to study Classical Studies at the University of Liverpool. She lives in King’s Lynn, Norfolk.

    Tracee writes poetry influenced by the natural world combined with imagery from dreams and memory and is particularly inspired by abandoned and wild spaces. Her work has appeared in publications including Cape Magazine, Black Bough Poetry and Wildfire Words. Her first pamphlet, Broken Passages, was independently published in 2023.


    Fliss Cary is an artist whose practice is concerned with drawing, printmaking and artists’ books.

    She works in response to the landscape, in particular to her location in a village on the outskirts of Norwich and her work has been exhibited throughout East Anglia. She and Tracee will be exhibiting their collaborative artists’ book Something Grim at the Halesworth Gallery, Suffolk in 2024.

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