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Released 20 September 2023 // Creative Non-Fiction // 196 pages


A monomaniacal manifesto, an affidavit of insanity, a collection of modern society’s final essays, a slab of gonzo journalism, a slice of violent expression, a self-composed therapy transcription, a cry for help, a superhero’s bright beacon, a supervillain’s mad monologue, a treatise on arts martial and mental, a bible of truth, a meditation on power and knowledge, a tangible pound of flesh I, The Man, offer first as Aesir-appeasing sacrifice. A book to be read. 

The Man Who Told The World – Aaron Farrell

  • Aaron FATALITY Farrell is a writing/ fighting/ joking/ toking/ sit-down Stand-up (punchline: writer) of societal blasphemy, human-mythology and weaponised words across all verses. If Rap ever birthed a white-boy-bastard and historical hype-man who worshipped its music as poetry prior to reading poems, it would be FATALITY. The only rule he didn’t innately rebel against was to be truthful. His reading requires gumshields for the meek, fist-bumps from the Geek, and belief in love and chaos. 

  • Atomic Bohemian would like to give a content warning on The Man Who Told The World for:

    • Strong language
    • Violence
    • Sexual content
    • Themes of abuse

    We use content warnings as a tool to empower our readers by respecting their individual histories, preferences, and sensitivities. 

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